So this morning I went to the gym (something I decide to do randomly once a year when I realize I have paid an arm and a leg in tuition fees). It was so strange to be there. First thing I realized was that all the equipment I used in 2009 had disappeared or been rearranged… jolly for me. So basically I had to go looking around like some inexperienced geek to find the ones I needed to use.

I decided I should probably start simple…so I did about 25 on the bike and then went over to the elliptical. It was there that I had today’s ‘moment in my head’.

I started out slow at first, trying to get my rhythm… but within 2 mins I was ‘in the groove’ and ready to really ‘work’ it. Every so often though, I realized that, my feet would jump ahead of my rhythm (or behind), really throwing me out of gear but strange enough, I discovered that (and if you’ve ever been on one of these things, you’ll know), the machine had kept a momentum all of its own. After the third time of ‘slipping foot syndrome’, I was getting so frustrated. I mean I really wanted to work the thing. And then out of the blue, it was as if the machine talked to me. “You really don’t have to work me… I can do the work for you”, it said.

I realized that this is a common thing I do in life. See, what the machine was trying to tell me was that, it already had picked up the momentum all I had to do was to ‘flow with it’. Sometimes I feel God is trying to tell us that. We…. well… I have a way of wanting to be in control of things that God brings my way. Not controlling in that sense… but… it’s kinda like… I need to have control of what happens so that I don’t have any unexpected blows. But I believe that what I was trying to do with that machine, is often what I have tried to do with God. It’s like instead of letting Him order my steps… I want to help Him. But really God doesn’t need my help to help me. He’s God. I remember this song by Kirk Franklin and Toby Mac, I am God. In the end of the song, Kirk says ” You are God…. and I am not”. He was so right. Who am I to play God? Why do I think I need to push things or slow things down, when He has already planned out the momentum?

There’s much to be learned I think from today’s lesson. For me, it’s been a crazy week… one where I thought I needed to be in control. But I have come to a moment of realization that, I need to accept what God is doing in my life and no matter how much it does not go with the momentum I am familiar with in my life… I have to trust that His momentum is better. Romans 8:28 says “all things work together for the good to them that love God…”. My encouragement to you (if you are going through some chaotic mess that you are grappling to control, even though you know you can’t), is to Let go… and Let God. Let God lead you… Let Him minister… Let Him love. God’s got some amazing plans for you and it’s a lot better than what you have in mind. Is there a place that God is sending you to that you feel you shouldn’t go to? Is there a person that God has sent to love you but you aren’t willing to accept it? Or is there something that He is trying to do that doesn’t fit into the plan or pace of your life? Let Him.


~ by YADAH on April 3, 2010.

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